The Rock

\The Rock\ is the king of portable rock climbing walls. No other climbing mountain in the world compares to climbing the life like surface and 24' height that \The Rock\ offers. Four guests at a time are securely fastened to \The Rock\ by the auto-belay\ system that assures a safe and fun climb for all ages willing to conquer the extreme height

Three Lane Bungee Run

Our newest Bungee Run is three lanes instead of two. That's 50% more player participation! Cut down your waiting time by choosing the \Three Lane Bungee Run\ for your next big event.

Tic Tac Toe & Four Across

Two inflatable games in one make this giant game a sure winner. Big, colorful, and fun make giant Tic Tac Toe and Four Across an easy pick for fun.

Tic Tac Toss

Toss three balls in a row and try to make a tic-tac-toe! A simple but fun game for all.

Tiger Belly Bounce

Team up the Tiger Belly Bouncer with our new Snaggletooth Tiger Slide and you have one great Tiger party! The kids will have tons of fun jumping on our little tiger's belly and he is ready to roar into your next event.

Tiki Toss

Bounce a ball into the colorful Tikis to win. A great looking game for ages 5 through adult.


Little tikes will love to explore this brand new fun-filled maze. Just the right size for the youngest participants, Mom & Dad can even come too!

Toddler Time

What do we have for the 4 and under crowd you ask? How about a 22'x22' inflated pre-school activity area that is under the \Big Top\. An elephant slide, a ball pond, four individual moonbounces and games galore are guaranteed to provide safe fun for your youngest of party guests.

Touchdown Pass

The always popular football toss has been updated into an inflatable game that makes this classic game new again. Ages 6 through adult.

Toxic Drop

Toxic Drop

85' of pure fun with 7 unique and very challenging obstacles makes Toxic Drop the most difficult obstacle course around.  Don't be fooled by its super cool looks, this thing will throw you down and eat you up, no mercy!  Designed for the guests 48'' and taller because, seriously it's tough.

Trackless Train

All Aboard for Casey! Eighteen children and adults can climb aboard for a ride to anywhere! ANYWHERE because Casey has no tracks! The only restriction is the train must be run outdoors. A fun ride for any picnic or company party, school or church event. Even use it as transportation from your parking lot to your store!

Treasures of the Caribbean

Pirate life can be tough, but not as tough as battling your way through winding obstacles and climbing over a giant treasure chest and sliding your way out before the pirates discover you've stolen their precious treasure. Treasures of the Caribbean is a beautifully crafted obstacle course and is sure to please all pirates and non pirates alike. Designed for guests 42' and taller.

Tug-Of-War Ropes

A 4-way rope make this the perfect team building activity. Sure to be a hit at your event.

Turbo Tubs

A carnival ride that spins around, while each tub spins in a different direction. The Turbo Tubs holds 24 children or 12 adult riders at a time. The \Tubs Of Fun\ style ride is a true Midway classic.

Turtle Time Slide

We finally found it, the cutest slide in the world! The Turtle Time Slide is a 15' slide designed for ages 12 and under and is sure to be the talk of your event. It will be hard for the kids to resist the chance to slide down the brightest turtle around!

tweety bird moonbounce

Always a favorite, the moonbounce is like
walking on the moon! Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.


With the aid of bungee cords and a trampoline the V4 Ultimate Bungee allows you to launch yourself over 25’ in the air. If you’re brave enough, attempt a flip and the really brave can attempt the triple flip. That’s right, you can get enough air to try not one, not only two, but three flips in the air. Four guests at a time will enjoy this super sized, high velocity activity brought to your next event. For guests from 40 – 200 pounds.

Velcro Wall

David Letterman never had it so good! The original interactive inflatable is ready for your party. Suit up in one of the various sized suits and get ready to stick. Your guests will love to see how high they can propel themselves off the bouncy inflatable trampoline and onto the sticky wall.

Volley Ball Set

A complete professional volley ball set that includes adjustable poles, net, volley ball, stakes and rope boundaries.

Wacky Color Ball

Toss the ball and try to guess what color the ball will come to rest on. Available as a mega game only.

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