Kraken 28' Slide

Can you survive the 28' Giant Kraken Slide? Nordic fables mention an animal called the Kraken, which was a kind of giant octopus big enough to sink fishing vessels. Most thought this only to be a legend or simply dismissed it as a myth. Spotting this giant monster of the sea, however, terrified every sailor on board the H.M.S. Leviathan. Climb aboard the H.M.S. Leviathan for one last slide on this signature inflatable experience

Krazy Kolor Ball

Toss the ball and try to guess what color the ball will come to rest on. A 1 in 8 chance of winning keeps your guests always coming back for more. All ages.

Kyle the Kiddiepillar

With over 55 feet of inflatable fun, you may never see the kids again. Kyle is an enclosed obstacle course inside and is full of thrills and adventure. As children hide and explore, surprises are at every turn. A big slide is the final surprise before the children exit.

Ladder Climb

You have seen it at the Fair and now you can have it at your next event! The Ladder Climb is a classic midway game and is a challenge for all ages. It looks easy, but wow is it hard to climb to the top. When you fall a giant cushion of air is there to catch you. Safe and fun for all!

Lady Bug Ball Crawl

An inflatable Lady Bug that has a giant ball pond inside. Loretta the Lady Bug has over 2000 brightly colored balls for the little kids to play in. Loretta is funny to look at on the outside and fun to play with on the inside. Ages 5 and under.

Lasso the Longhorn

Nothing says Southwest like the longhorn and now is your chance to Lasso The Longhorn for a big prize. A must have game for any western theme or large event, Lasso The Longhorn is a toss game for ages 4 years and above.

Laugh & Learn Toddler Zone

What do you have for the young party guests you ask? That would be the Laugh & Learn Toddler Zone. It is full of fun and specially designed for toddlers. We have created a safe and educational inflatable with our younger guests in mind.

Lil' Pumper Fire Truck Slide

Photographs from real fire trucks have been used to create a digital image fire truck slide beyond belief. The Lil' Pumper Fire Truck Slide is full of detail and irresistible fun for the younger ones.

Lily Pad Leap

Frogs love to leap from lily pad to lily pad and now is your chance to get in on the action. This inflatable toss game involves the ever popular game of tossing frogs and having fun! Ages 3 through adult.

Lucky Number

Toss the giant 12 sided die and try to land on your lucky number. You have a 1 in 12 chance of having luck on your side! All ages.

Magnus the Mechanical Bull

Get ready for the ride of your life! Eight seconds will seem like an eternity as you try to hang on to Mangus, the roughest, raunchiest, nastiest mechanical bull this side of El Paso. Unlucky guests land on an inflatable mat below, watch out for the cow pies! Mangus is electronically adjustable and can be programmed for all ages and bull riding abilities.


sized tokens are tossed to dot the spot. The token must completely cover the spot to be a winner. Dot The Spot is one of the toughest games on the Mid-Way. Available as a mega game. All ages.

Meltdown Inflatable

Eight guests at a time try to stay perched atop their foam pedestal as the Meltdown does its best to eliminate them. Duck under and jump over the spinning barricade, if you don’t make it you land safely on the inflatable below. A high participation game that is crazy fun to play, but just as fun to watch… It’s time for a wipe out! For guests 48” and taller.

Mickey Park

Always a favorite, the moonbounce is like
walking on the moon! Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.


The licensed Mickey Park Learning Club is the perfect way to combine active fun with a stimulating learning environment. Youngsters will engage in a trio of educational games including a shape activity with Mickey Mouse, matching colors in the large ball pond and counting shapes with Goofy. Colorful pop ups and 3D characters abound in this bounce house, and an exciting climb and slide will have them laughing all day.

Milk Can Toss

Toss the softball into the milk can to win the big prize. Unfortunately it's just not as easy as it looks. Another classic when you want an authentic midway carnival game. Ages 5 and above.

Mini All Star Basketball

The smaller cousin of our Big Shoe Basketball is perfect for smaller venues and tight spots. Put the Mini All Star up and watch your guests run to shoot baskets and enjoy our new and unique inflatable. Two players at a time use mini basketballs to shoot and score.

Mini Dot The Spot

Quarter sized tokens are tossed to dot the spot. The token must completely cover the spot to be a winner. Mini Dot The Spot is a table game for all ages.

Moblile Zipline

After years of product development and testing, we are ready to release our highly anticipated mobile zip line. Two participants at a time climb the 35' tower and are secured to a zip line cable. Riders then jump off the tower for a free fall experience before zipping 100' feet to the end of the ride. This is one ride that will be talked about for months after your event!

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