Color Wheel

Pick your favorite color, spin the color wheel and hope for the best. The bright colors of the wheel make this an excellent choice for the younger crowd. All ages


Get lost in twists and turns until you finally find your way out. What direction will you choose in order to try to be the first one out? The Inflatable Corn Maze includes full digital graphics of a real corn maze and a giant 11' 3D entrance. 

Cow Milking Contest

About as close to milking a real cow as you're going to get, the \Cow Milking Contest\ is just what the farmer ordered. Take a seat on your milking stool and get ready to fill your bucket. Only the best cow milkers will take home the blue ribbon prize.

Cow Pie Fly

It's time to clean up after Bessie again! Grab the Cow Pies (of course they are not real!) and toss them back into Bessie's pasture. All ages.

Crazy Driver

Patience, skill and precision are needed to \drive\ the golf ball through the obstacle course. Ages 8 through adult

Decorate a Hat

Don't get in the way as your normal, everyday guests turn into \Mad Hatters\! Stand back and watch the arts and crafts supplies start to fly. We supply the hat (Paper Hats, Sombreros, Pith Helmets, Painter Caps just to name a few), and your guests supply the talent to create a unique piece of headgear to wear throughout the event. The perfect adult fun!

Digital Photos

What a great memory to take home from your next event, a fantastic looking digital photo. We have many different combinations to create an unforgettable memento with a lasting impression. Photo Buttons and Photo Key Chains also available at an additional cost.

Disney Princess Moonbounce

Always a favorite, the moonbounce is like
walking on the moon! Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Double Shot Arcade Basketball

Two players at a time have thirty seconds to score as many points as possible. This non-inflatable unit is an all time favorite at any event for all ages

Double Trouble Combo Slide

With lots of room to bounce it is great to have a slide for the kids to make a quick get away, but the new Double Trouble Combo Slide adds even more fun by having 2 big slides! Big and roomy with boffers and 2 slides make this combo unit a fantastic deal and super fun.

Dunk Tank

A Carnival original and we have the safest, professional built unit available. The new see-through window allows everyone to see the boss getting dunked. The Dunk Tank is a sure way to get soaked while having a good time. Two trailored and one non-trailored dunk tank are available.

End Zone Challenge

An 18' monster of a linesman guards the toughest obstacle course we could find. With 50' of squeeze-plays, tackle dummies, tire runs, a big climb and a giant slide, this obstacle course will make you feel like you're in football camp!

Feed Fido

Our junkyard dog is ready to be fed. Please toss some food and bones in his mouth to keep him happy just a little longer. All ages.

Feed the Frog

Frogs love to eat insects, and our pet frog is no different. Toss some slimy, yucky insects into the frog's mouth and he will be your friend for life! All ages

First Down

Two opponents are separated by an inflatable wall but still connected to each other via a bungee cord. A giant game of tug of war ensues as each participant tries to take their footballs into he end zone. All ages enjoy this highly acive game and it is a riot to watch.

Foosball Table

Full size European style foosball tables add fun and excitement to your next event. Two or four players can participate in America's favorite action table game.

football player moonbounce

Always a favorite, the moonbounce is like walking on the moon! Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Frozen Moonbounce

It’s not a party until the Moonbounce is set up! Always fun and popular, the Moonbounce is the all time favorite for any child.

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