Chutes and Ladders

Our introductory obstacle course is designed with the smaller kids in mind. It's a bright colorful challenge for all kids 10 and under. More phases can be added but this unit is just right for many!

Cliff Jump

Calling all Daredevils! Cliff Jump is filled with adventure for Daredevils young and old. You must climb your way through the obstacles to the top of the island where you jump into the ocean below. The “ocean” landing pit features a safety cushion made from Zero-Shock technology and assures a fun and safe landing to do over and over again.

Color Wheel

Pick your favorite color, spin the color wheel and hope for the best. The bright colors of the wheel make this an excellent choice for the younger crowd. All ages

Cow Pie Fly

It's time to clean up after Bessie again! Grab the Cow Pies (of course they are not real!) and toss them back into Bessie's pasture. All ages.

Crazy Driver

Patience, skill and precision are needed to 'drive' the golf ball through the obstacle course. Ages 8 through adult

Crusin' Exotica

One of the most popular driving games of all times is the sit down Cruis'n Exotica. You get to pick your own car and then work the brakes, gas and steering wheel to race as fast as you can through exotic locations such as Las Vegas, Thailand, and even the surface of Mars. For even more fun and excitement we can hook two games together so guests can race head to head against each other.

Dance Central

Everyone will gather to see your guests as they challenge each other on the \Dance Central\ Kinect machine. Two guests go head-to-head to see who can get their \freak on\ the best. This is just like you see in the arcade with dance steps for every level. No teen party will be complete without the \Dance Central\ experience.

Decorate a Hat

Don't get in the way as your normal, everyday guests turn into \Mad Hatters\! Stand back and watch the arts and crafts supplies start to fly. We supply the hat (Paper Hats, Sombreros, Pith Helmets, Painter Caps just to name a few), and your guests supply the talent to create a unique piece of headgear to wear throughout the event. The perfect adult fun!

Digital Photos

What a great memory to take home from your next event, a fantastic looking digital photo. We have many different combinations to create an unforgettable memento with a lasting impression. Photo Buttons and Photo Key Chains also available at an additional cost.

Dora the Explorer Bounce

Always a favorite, the moonbounce is like walking on the moon! Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Double Shot Arcade Basketball

Two players at a time have thirty seconds to score as many points as possible. This non-inflatable unit is an all time favorite at any event for all ages

Downpour Derby

Is a one-of-a-kind water pumping contest. Pump to fill the bucket over your opponent's head. The faster you pump, the sooner you tip the \downpour bucket\ (1.5 to 3 gallons) on the other person (a \tie\ is lots of fun too!).

Drive 'Em Buggies

Mini \sit-on\ scooters that are a blast to race and ride. The size of the Speed Racers makes racing fun and exciting for all ages. Must be used on a smooth solid surface.

Duck Pond

We have the best looking Duck Pond around. Children choose a colorful duck as they \swim\ by and win a prize that matches the chosen number. Ages 6 and under.

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